Special Projects 2010

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Since 2003 SIGCSE has awarded a limited number of Special Projects Grants each year. These grants help SIGCSE members investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing. Projects must provide some clear benefit to the wider disciplinary community in the form of new knowledge, developing or sharing of a resource, or good practice in learning, teaching, or assessment.

Here is a list of the awards given in 2010.

The Enculturation of Taurus (Taulbee for the Rest of Us)

Jodi Tims <jltims@bw.edu>
Susan Williams <rebstock@georgiasouthern.edu>
Award: $2,400
Award date: August 2010

Description: The "Taulbee for the Rest of Us" special project was an important first step in providing student and faculty information for institutions that offer computing degrees but are not Ph.D. granting. This project will modify and expand the survey in a manner that will make it sustainable on a yearly basis.

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