Special Projects 2005

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Since 2003 SIGCSE has awarded a limited number of Special Projects Grants each year. These grants help SIGCSE members investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing. Projects must provide some clear benefit to the wider disciplinary community in the form of new knowledge, developing or sharing of a resource, or good practice in learning, teaching, or assessment.

Here is a list of the awards given in 2005.

Programming External RAM via a PC Parallel Port

David Heise, Columbia College <dheise@ccis.edu>
Award: $2,000
Award date: March 2005

Description: This project will create the hardware and software tools for Computer Architecture students to load programs onto the processor they construct for the course from a PC parallel port, obviating the tedious process of programming machine code using switches.

Software Architecture Improvement through Test-driven Development: An Empirical Study

David Janzen, Bethel College <DJANZEN@bethelks.edu>
Award: $4,635
Award date: May 2005

Description: Test-driven development promises to improves software through both design and testing. This project will perform a series of empirical studies that will examine the efficacy of test-driven development, explore its place in the undergraduate curriculum, and evaluate an educational approach called test-driven learning.

Training to Persist in Computing Careers

Kristi Honaker, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University <pace_nsf@vt.edu>
Award: $4,900
Award date: July 2005

Description: We will develop a Career Resilience toolkit and training module designed to help students cope with computing career stressors. The project's ultimate goal is to retain minority computing students by encouraging the development of soft skills and coping strategies. The toolkit will include step-by-step modules SIGCSE members can facilitate.

A Course on Ethical Issues in Computing Linking Students at Villanova University and Universidade Nova de Lisboa

William Fleishmann <william.fleischman@villanova.edu>
Award date: August 2005

Designing and Evaluating Programs in Computer Science Education

Justus Randolph <justus.randolph@cs.joensuu.fi>
Award date: August 2005

Creating a Disciplinary Commons in Computer Science Through the use of Course Portfolios

Josh Tenenberg, University of Washington, Tacoma <jtenenbg@u.washington.edu>
Award: $4,990
Award date: August 2005

Description: The Portfolio Commons involves the collaborative production and peer review of course portfolios by faculty teaching at both 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities in western Washington state. The goals are to document and share knowledge about student learning in CS and to improve the quality of CS teaching by incorporating scholarly practices for making teaching public, peer-reviewed, and amenable for future use and development by other CS educators.

Seeing the Coding Process: Increasing Novice program Development Skills through Video Enhanced Case Studies

Simon Gray <SGRAY@wooster.edu>
Award date: November 2005

Creating a SIGCSE Presence in the Former Soviet Union

John Impagliazzo <John.Impagliazzo@hofstra.edu>
Award date: November 2005

First International Workshop on Phenomography in Computing Education Research

Raymond Lister, Anders Berglund <raymond@it.uts.edu.au>
Award date: November 2005

Knowledge Construction of Abstract Concepts in Introductory Computer Science

Tim Yuen <tyuen@mail.utexas.edu>
Award date: November 2005

A Methodological Review of Computer Science Research 2000 - 2005

Justus Randolph <justus.randolph@cs.joensuu.fi>
Award date: December 2005

Accessible Software Engineering for the Visually Impaired (ASEVI)

Stephanie Ludi <salvse@rit.edu>
Award date: December 2005

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