Special Projects 2006

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Since 2003 SIGCSE has awarded a limited number of Special Projects Grants each year. These grants help SIGCSE members investigate and introduce new ideas in the learning and teaching of computing. Projects must provide some clear benefit to the wider disciplinary community in the form of new knowledge, developing or sharing of a resource, or good practice in learning, teaching, or assessment.

Here is a list of the awards given in 2006.

Learning Assembly Language with Java Bytecode on Lego Robots

Mike Jipping <jipping@cs.hope.edu>
Award date: February 2006

Educating Homo Ludens: Introducing Technology Through Game Design

Bruce Maxim <bmaxim@engin.umd.umich.edu>
William Grosky
Award date: April 2006

Integrating Security into the Software Development Process

Rose Shumba <shumba@iup.edu>
Award date: April 2006

How to Inspire Interests in Mathematics: an Undergraduate Lecture Series

Edith Law <edith.law@mail.mcgill.ca>
Award date: May 2006

Facilitating Curriculum Material Adoption using 3D Virtual Collaboration

Chang Liu <liuc@ohio.edu>
Jennifer Polack
Award date: May 2006

Exploring the value of consultative processes in data analysis in an educational setting

Judy Sheard <judy.sheard@infotech.monash.edu.au>
Award date: November 2006

Science Applications for an Introductory Programming Course

Chaya Gurwitz <gurwitz@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu>
Award date: November 2006

Software Engineering Early

Cherry Owen <owen_c@utpb.edu>
Award date: November 2006

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